Richard was our adopted feline.
  I was working for Rob Zammit, the Vet Surgeon who attended to the wildlife at a park in Sydney, and he came to be reared by us as his mother had orphaned him at 9 hours of age.
 It was the experience of a lifetime for our family, to say the least.

Richard was fed 2 hourly for the first week and slept beside our bed in a heated box, he travelled everywhere with me as he obviously had to be treated like a new born baby. As time progressed and he became a healthy cat, he lived in our home both inside with us and mixed outside as can be seen in this photo with his special friend Branbern Alexander (Quincy). 

These two grew up together as they were both born in January 1987. The interaction and the play together between the two was special to watch. 

His canine mother figure was Ch Durrbachler Mufti (Mufti, pictured with Richard below) and his human mother figure was me, he would call to me like a baby from a distance of 200 metres or so if he heard my voice!